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Taking down stocking holders and wrapping snowmen and angels back into their boxes has become a very pivotal part of my new year.  Resetting our home after the holidays is now an act of embracing the slowing down and fresh slate that the new year brings.  And what follows are usually activities that support this change that my body and mind crave after the busy holiday season.  This usually includes a pantry clean out, organizing my studio, and curating my wardrobe.

This does not look like becoming a whole new person, getting rid of everything I own, and replacing it all with the newer, better version.  Instead, it looks a lot more like taking inventory of the things that are working and the things that aren’t.  This is especially true when it comes to curating my wardrobe for the new year and usually I’m able to freshen up my wardrobe without spending a dime.  Here’s how: 

Start planning out your outfits for the week. This seems basic but it’s really important.  Our closets usually end up feeling stale and like we have nothing to wear because we aren’t recognizing the things that we actually love to wear.  When we plan out our outfits for the whole week we are able to do two things. First, we can spend some time connecting what our schedules require of us that week and how well suited the clothing we own is to support us in those tasks (which is a super biggie when it comes to being empowered by our clothing).  Second, we are able to identify the pieces that aren’t ever meeting our needs and get rid of them to make space for pieces that will.  We’ve created a handy (and fun) tool to help you plan your outfits for the week.  Check out our Daily Hanger Ties HERE.

Box up the pieces you aren’t really wearing.  Once you start planning your outfits, you’re most likely to notice pieces that you are NEVER including in your weekly outfit line-ups.  Please, take notice of these pieces.  If a month goes by and you realize you haven’t once included a piece of clothing as part of your weekly outfit plan, pull it out and put it in a box.  You don’t have to cut this piece out of your life completely, but see this box as a little time out.  Put this box out of sight but in a place that’s still accessible, under the bed or in the basement are perfect places.  If a whole season goes by and you don’t miss the pieces that you’ve put into this box, it’s time to let those pieces go and make space for something that you will love to wear all the time. 

Make a wish-list.  Once you start planning your outfits for the week, not only will you notice pieces you have that you aren’t wearing, you’ll probably also notice pieces that would be really nice to have.  For example, maybe a neutral cardigan that would be perfect to go over your t-shirt and leggings or a different color layering top to add some interest to your go-to outfit recipe.  The easiest way to get these perfect pieces into your closet is to start with a list.  Make  a wish list of the pieces you want and then keep your eyes open for them.  You can scroll online thrift-stores, check out your favorite brands, or maybe swap with a friend.  The magic of creating a closet you love doesn’t come from spending a million dollars, it comes from intentionally removing the pieces that aren’t working and adding in pieces that will!

Feeling like you're just getting started building an intentional wardrobe and want more tools on how to make it happen? Download my FREE guide on how to create the wardrobe of your dreams.

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