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We’ve had so much fun showing DJ a Wisconsin winter.  In addition to celebrating his first Christmas and opening his first present, he’s enjoyed sled rides and being out in the winter wonderland.  It’s so fun to see the things that he loves and just like he loves stroller walks in warmer weather, he’s also fond of sled rides in the winter.  It took him a while to get used to it through.  He kept a very straight face for most of his ride but now he never wants to get out.

My desire to have my baby fully experience winter has gotten me enjoying it more myself.  We cleared off part of the pond at my in-laws farm and ice-skated for the first time in way too long.   We took long walks in the snow.  We cozied in with matching jammies and hot cocoa for Christmas movies.

As we move through our first winter with our baby boy, I’m trying to make more space for the quiet, special moments with just the three of us.  Things like Saturday French Toast breakfasts, family walks, and playing on the floor together are things that are so special to me that are completely missed when I have too much going on. 

My favorite parts of month 10 have been DJ’s giggles, the things that make him laugh (like silly noises), seeing him eat new foods, watching the way he makes his dad and his grandparents crack-up.  He really is such a ham.  He’s so curious and adventurous and it’s so fun to watch his personality develop as he nears one year.

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